Visualizing Ireland Maynooth's Emission

Published on September 15, 2023

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Purpose of the Visualization

Link to the visualization:

In Ireland, there is a goal to reduce carbon emission targets by 51% by 2030 and reach net zero by 2050. To achieve this every local authority in the country was asked to select a Decarbonising Zone- an area where climate and biodiversity measures are trialled. And Maynooth was selected as one of the decarbonizing zones.

event vis

This project was commisioned by the local goverment in maynooth to visualize the emission baseline and visualize the emission goals.

The Visualization

The visualization was displayed almost like a art exibit in Ireland, where the vent had a theme centered around woven fabric and cloth. The event's theme also had a huge factor in in influencing the design of the visualization.

Voronoi Implementation

My main contribution to the visualization is through the implementation of the interactive voronoi hoop. It was built on svelte and mainly uses d3 for the calculations and gsap for the animations.

1st Pass

My initial implementation was just to get d3 heirrarchy and voronoi working with svelte.

1st try maynooth visualization

2nd Pass

Next I started integrating gsap with the animation and also saving/calculating previous voronoi states to animate back and forth.

2nd try maynooth visualization

3rd Pass

Started to refine the animation and add text to the voronoi

3rd try maynooth visualization

Final View

Final View