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DUNE social network visualization

Social Networks, General1 min read

I was inspired to do this after seeing alot of social network analysis graphs for game of thrones. So I decided to do one for Dune, visualizing the character interactions within the first book. I also posted this in the r/dune for some feedback so you can take a look at the initial graph here.

Data Gathering & Preprocessing

I started by scraping off the characters listed in this website. Next step was to loop through these names in the book and start fuzzy matching the characters with the list I have scraped. The process of creating nodes and edges is not exactly perfect because currently edges are created when they have a distance of 15 words or less between 2 characters. This can be obvious with some characters such as Leto and Jessica although well known that they have a deeper connection but just because they don't talk to each other the visualization shows them to have little to no interaction.

Also a disclaimer since I did use some fuzzy matching some characters are being displayed despite not having been in the book at all.

Social Network